Savage, MN is a suburb of Minneapolis that is a welcoming place to live or to work. It is an area that has an abundance of parks and interesting wildlife. If you would like to be able to view the spectacular outdoors clearly, then cleaning your windows thoroughly is a wise thing to do. Subzero Window Cleaners is your local and professional window cleaning company. We aim to please all of our customers with superior window cleaning results and our excellent customer service, and we would also like to be of service to you, too!

When our highly-skilled window cleaning professionals clean your windows, the transformation can be truly amazing. Every home that we clean goes through a 5-stage cleaning process. The process is as follows:

-We will remove each screen carefully and hand clean each one with water and a microfiber towel.

-We will then bathe your windows, as we deep clean the dirt and grime off of each one.

-We will deep clean the window frame, the windowsill, the tracks, and all of the corners.

-After this, we will deep rinse the whole window and the surrounding area.

-Finally, we will let everything dry completely before reassembling the screens or window hardware.

When you work with Subzero Window Cleaners, you can be rest assured that our goal is to make this a stress-free, easy experience. From the moment that we first begin talking with you about your window cleaning project to the last moment when we are leaving your property, our aim is to add simplicity to your everyday life, while providing a service to you that will be truly meaningful.

Having streak-free windows can change the appearance of a home and can improve the environment from within one’s home quite easily. If we may be of service to you for all of your window cleaning projects, then contact us today! We look forward to working with you and providing you with some sparkle in your day!

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